Material Data and Application Laboratory

Suzhou CM Technology Co., Ltd is an industry leader in the field of the mold

factory which has achieved standardization, informationization, intelligence and automation.

Material Data and Application Laboratory Material Application Research & Development

Thermoplastic classification

  • 模块一

    Strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign material suppliers to build product application testing capabilities and is committed to becoming a provider of material application development system solutions to provide customers with unique value and first-class services.

  • 模块二

    Our company has continuously cooperated with universities and scientific research institutes which focused on innovative application study. Our lab has first-class experimental machine in the industry, and is an incubation base for innovative research and talent cultivation. 

  • 模块三

    In the future, it will become a China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) accredited laboratory;

    Dedicated to the CAE data packet capacity building of the plastic injection molding industry;

    Automotive, electronics, medical, lighting and other fields to meet diversified needs;

    New energy vehicles-lightweight material application solution provider;

    Environmentally friendly materials solutions provider;