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Suzhou CM Technology Co., Ltd. is an industry leader in the fie​
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imported high end injection molding machines


High-end production equipment


Independently develops two robot automatic processing and detecting units


40+domestic and foreign senior mold engineers and a group of excellent technical workers

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Mold equipment
Mold equipment Mold equipment
Injection equipment
Injection equipment Injection equipment
Testing Equipment
Testing Equipment Testing Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Equipment
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Full 3D Mold Design

Full 3D Mold Design

Establishing the global famous manufacturer of standard parts library, and used color tolerance management, BOM automatic export system, to achieve intelligent, standardized design.

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Intelligent CAE

Intelligent CAE

Import-key mold flow analysis to realize smart design. Relying on the leading material laboratory and scientific injection molding machine calibration mechanism, to achieve precise mold flow, guide mold design and scientific injection molding.

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Cloud Database

Cloud Database

Run mold flow analysis before production; Evaluate the mold structure and manufacturability; Find the best solution and avoid the possible risk.

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Mold Design Capability

One set of high-quality mold not only requires good processing equipment and skilled tooling workers, but also good mold design ability.

Full 3D Mold Design
Full 3D Mold Design
Intelligent CAE
Intelligent CAE
Cloud Database
Cloud Database


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